Erymanthos or Olonos is an imposing mountain range which dominates mountainous Achaia. It is forested around its edges, the forest cover consisting of fir trees, pine trees and oaks. The mountain is the source of Pineios, Selinountas, Erymanthos rivers as well as other minor rivers.

According to Greek mythology, Erymanthos was the residence of Artemis and Panas, Aphrodite who turned the Erymanthian Boar into stone, Apollo and Adonis as well as Hercules who killed the Erymanthian Boar. The region’s local god was Dionysus Aisymnetes.

The grape vine cultivation was wide spread in Peloponnese and mostly in Achaia being nowadays a major viticultural zone. Thanks to the favourable soil type and climatic conditions the grape vine cultivation has been wide spread quite early.
The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 250-850 m with chalky, sandy loam soil providing fertility and good drainage.
With cool summers and mild winters thanks to Mount Erymanthos and the breeze from Patraikos Gulf, respectively, the region enjoys a temperate climate which enables grapes to ripen properly so as to make the most aromatic white and red wines.